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Mental Heads was borne out of two very different journeys that by pure fate brought us together in a hospital, 25 years after knowing each other as teenagers.

After many hundreds of hours discussing our lives, our at times traumatic journeys, the fall out of what we went through and lastly how lucky we were to have access to a psychiatrist who gave us both back our lives and a second chance to live again we knew some good had to come out of our experiences. And that is how Mental Heads was born.


Aviation has been my life since I was 18. I lived in the US for over 10 years but in 2015 my life collapsed around me. Within 3 months, I was admitted for the first time to a mental hospital and it saved my life.

I was always told I was a troubled soul, I never liked change and I would rather be around animals than people. I love you Marley 🐾️


It’s unbelievable how my life turned upside down overnight.

In May 2017 I went from being a full time mum living a normal life, to being admitted to a mental hospital with a diagnosis of psychosis and severe depression something I challenged every professional I was assessed by for nearly 18 months including over 15 doctors and consultants but not one of them believed me and they all thought it was just in my head.

I had a severe reaction to a medication I was prescribed and it sent my brain into free fall leaving me with the most horrific side effect, an inner intense feeling so hard to live with that it overwhelmed my ability to function. It wasn’t living on any level, it had a unique place in hell.

After 7 months in and out of mental hospitals over 12 months, including 3 months under section in an NHS acute unit, I’ve ended up with a story which isn’t that far removed from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Once I finally got the help I so desperately cried out for from my psychiatrist who gave me back my life, I decided some good had to come out of my horrendous journey. If I can help change just one person’s future or save just one person’s life by giving them that glimmer of hope I so desperately needed in my darkest hours, all my suffering hasn’t gone to waste.

The quote below sums it all up for me,
Somebody asked me what am I going to do when I finally make it to the top. I said reach my hand back down for the rest.

Mental Heads Podcast

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